Environmental Consciousness and Social Responsibility

Environmental Consciousness and Social Responsibility

The Good Stick Company pledge is and has been to do the right thing every. single. time. At every turn, we are faced with the choices of going the cheap route or the more complicated and sometimes more expensive route in order to ensure our environmental consciousness and social responsibility pledges are met. 

Our social responsibility promise is to only utilize factories that we can build relationships with locally. All our shafts, heads, strings and end caps are manufactured in the European Union, where fair labor practices tower over those of questionable ethos in the far east where most other sticks come from. Do you know where is the factory that made your lacrosse stick? 

We know ours and it brings us joy.


At the end of the day, we are still using metal and plastic. There is no 100% clean way to produce a lacrosse stick… yet. Our current plastic is the best practice in the lacrosse industry, used by all of the top manufacturers. While that puts us in the same bin as everyone else, that doesn’t mean we aren’t constantly experimenting with recycled plastics as well as having discussions with two polymer companies about using the world’s first carbon negative plastic. 

We’re not trying to change the world. We just want to make it better, more affordable, more connected & responsible. We curb our environmental impact everywhere we can: 

  • We personally pick up our products directly from the factories we are supplied by. 
  • Every single order since our inception that has required shipping has been filled with reclaimed cardboard from recycling centers.
  • Zero extra packaging waste such as plastic bags or product tags are used.

Fun facts:

  • In one year of operation we have only had to empty our trash can one single time. 
  • Most of our orders have been filled and transported personally using the human network, cutting down on shipping and waste.
  • Traveling to and from the shop is a four minute bike ride. Great gas mileage!
  • Our stringing team is made up of local junior players who are paid fairly and who also live walking distance to the shop.

- - 

We want a market where shopping locally is encouraged and preferred over high-margin-oblivion we're currently experiencing on global scale. 

We believe to find 10.000 new lacrosse players along the way!

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