The Head

The Good Stick Heads are produced from the industry-standard best available plastic Zytel ST 801 at a four-employee plastic injection shop in Liberec, Czech Republic. The traditional design and the actual injection mold were purchased gently used and imported into the European Union to dramatically cut costs, which we’ve passed on to the player!

Available in Black or White.

The Shaft

The Good Stick Shafts are simple 6005-grade aluminum, extruded by a Czech company based in Pardubice. Metal was selected with the new player in mind and comes in three different lengths. We offer the standard 30” Good Stick, we also carry the 25” Youth Stick model & for the youngest among us we offer a 20” shaft for children under 5, aptly named the Little Stick.

Available in Stealth Black

The Odds and Ends

Vinyl end caps, screws, sidewall & shooting strings all come from small firms manufacturing in the Czech Republic. We are currently working with manufacturers in the Netherlands and Germany to produce our own mesh to complete our 'Made in EU' mission.

The String Wizards

The most important part of any stick is how it’s strung! Our sticks are all strung by the hand in the Czech Republic by lacrosse players. Making sure that every Good Stick that leaves our shop is ready to play right out of the box!

Customer Reviews

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Ondřej Němeček

The Good Stick

Everything one needs

Fabulous, locally made and affordable for everyone. Almost too bad it lasts forever so I have to find another excuse to buy another.

Game Changer!!

Everything anyone could want from a lacrosse stick at a reasonable price. By far the leading stick manufacturer in desire to grow this beautiful game!!

tuomas tilkanen
The Good Stick with Armor Mesh Spiderwire

Great shape, very stiff, holds its shape well. Very consistent with Spiderwire. Overall, a great product with guaranteed value for the money.