Mission of The Good Stick

There are a lot of people doing a lot of great work to teach and introduce the game to kids in new communities and countries all over the world. For every person who is out there sharing the game, we, first of all, want to thank you, and second, we would like to introduce ourselves as friends.
As lacrosse becomes more and more visible as a sport in the world, we are unfortunately not seeing access to the sport keeping up with the pace.
What do you actually need to play lacrosse? You need your own stick.
Many new players have their “first stick” come over in one of two ways – a starter stick made from some factory on a faraway continent with questionable labour practices and an inferior product!… or a donated stick that was sent over with the best intentions, but has been abused or neglected for years and a new player is expected to play with a warped head, a bent shaft, and a pocket that is either way too complex for them to maintain, or more frequently completely unusable. If they don’t want to go one of these two ways, they’re expected to spend outrageous amounts on a stick to play a sport they might not be sure they even want to take seriously yet. 
How can we expect to grow and spread the good word when our newest and least experienced are expected to learn the game with a stick that the experienced and seasoned veterans don’t want to use? Our new recruits are the future of our programmes locally and nationally, and they all need better & affordable equipment.
Locally sourced. Affordable to everyone. Strung by hand for the next generation by today’s players, we bring you our product. There are nicer heads, there are stronger shafts and more specialized pockets. We know this, but we want a million new players, and we want every single one of them to have a good stick. 
Instead of donating broken hand-downs, let’s provide everyone with… The Good Stick!