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The Good Stick Co.

The Good Stick Head - Unstrung

The Good Stick Head - Unstrung

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Perfect for the more experienced player who might know exactly what kind of pocket or mesh they prefer. Our standard strung Good Sticks are targeted for the beginner, but with performance mesh and a customized string job, our Good Stick heads are showing up on National Teams and at the highest levels of the game.

The Good stick heads are produced from industry-standard and best-available plastic at a family-owned injection shop in Liberec, Czech Republic.

The head design and the injection mold were purchased gently used and imported to the Czech Republic to drastically reduce production costs.

Our Good Stick head is a universal head great for defense or offense. A rounded scoop makes for easy ground balls on any surface. The Good Stick head is a great compliment to all players from novice to expert.

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